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Aug. 7th, 2010

In Norishima

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Waiting for my first day in university I really have nothing to be done. All I did at home was just had a seat in front of the computer, browsed the internet, cleaned the house, and took care of the kittens. A new activity that I have to do in my leisure time is making stuff from flannel. Actually, this kind of activity already attract my attention since a few months a go. Some friends of mine had a hobby of making stuff from flannel and after she finished it, my classmates who interested asked them to make one for them and they can produce some money from selling in to my classmate. My point is not about selling the items, but the idea to make items from the flannel.

I had been wanted to collect some items that had hangul written on it and it'd be better if my idols name are written on the items too. Sent away for the items would spend a lot of money. So, I decided to follow my friends way and here are some pictures of my hand-made items.. ^^
the words formed by the yellow flannel is read as 'Lee Donghae' ^^
this one is read as 'Kim Jonghyun' ^^

Few days a go, Sabin and Obin loved to lay down on the Palembang bed where my family loved to sleep. So, I decided to make one for both of them. But, because I got lumbago (pain in the lower part of the back) and pain in my buttock after sitting almost whole noon, I decided to make one for Sabin first. I thought making 2 pillows in one day won't be so difficult. But, IT IS INDEED DIFFICULT because I sew it with my own hand. Without any help from the sewing-machine. Here is the result of my hand-made pillow for Sabin.. ^^

What do you think? Well, though it's not big but I feel satisfied because it's my first hand-made pillow.. ^^

Another thing that I've done during my 'long holiday' was making foods. I've tried to make my favorite soup, and the last I tried to make spaghetti. Actually, I don't really like spaghetti, but since I find it (looks) delicious in a variety show where SHINee Key, U-Kiss Dongho, and MBLAQ Thunder are, I really wanted to make one. I seduced my mom to buy the raw spaghetti and other ingredients needed to make delicious spaghetti. And the result?

what do you think of it? Is it delicious? XD Well, because I don't like vegetable, I didn't put any vegetable on it. It consisted of spaghetti noodle and meat. I made it because I was interested with Key's spaghetti and wanted to make it once. XD

Hopefully I can make more experiment and get more experiences as the time goes by~  ^_^v

Aug. 5th, 2010

In Norishima

God's Gifts or Just My Luck?

Alhamdulillah hirabbil'alamin~ Finally, I'm accepted at STAN and hopefully I can fulfill my parents expectation that is to be the civil servant.. :) Amiiien..

Actually, knowing many smart pales of mine also following the entrance exam made me a bit nervous and not confident at all. Beside the fact that I didn't make full preparation, the competitors were more than 90.000 students in Indonesia also took part in the exam. At first I thought it's okay if I'm not accepted because I already have my place in Gadjah Mada University and it already paid. But as time went by, my parents especially my dad, said that he had a big expectation at me and wish I can pass the examination. Suddenly the spirit to pass the exam became bigger than before. To make me more high-spirited, I tried to take a role model and I decided to make SHINee Bling Bling Jonghyun as my role model in this entrance exam.

At my entrance exam in Gadjah Mada University (UGM), I had Suju Donghae as my role model and I made it! Usually, I would get sleepy in the middle of doing the questions. But when I feel sleepy, I slapped my own cheek with my own hands and tell to myself, "Remember Donghae! Remember Donghae! He succeed because he never gave up and continue his work though it's very tiring! It's nothing compared to Hae oppa's hard work to finish his study and do his job as an entertainer at the same time! Prove to your parents that your idols can make you high-spirited and succeed to pass this exam!" Honestly speaking, my parents, especially my dad, always complaining about what a wasting time activities I had. "Watching Super Junior's videos and day dreaming about them is not good for you. It better for you to study for the entrance exam." I still can remember what my father said to me once. So, I did study hard and wanted to show to my dad if I didn't waste my time by watching Super Junior's videos. But on the contrary, they gave me more strength to achieve my dreams. ^^

For STAN entrance exam, I was in love (??) with Jonghyuni oppa so I decided to make him became my role model. Frankly speaking, Actually it didn't work at all. I still play around and hardly serious when I did the sample questions from the previous exam. I felt frustrated and thought, "What will my parents say about Jonghyun if I failed the test? I don't want them to say bad things about him. I can't make him (Jonghyuni oppa's name) get any disgrace words." Though I thought that way, I still couldn't concentrate to study. Finally, I decided to study little by little and not force myself. As the consequence, one night before the D-day, I recall my memories and studied hard to understand the question types.

On the D-day, I decided I WON'T answer all questions about math and FINISH English first. So, from 150 minutes, I spent 90 minutes to answer all English questions. Because there was minus point for each wrong number, I didn't answer the questions that I don't even know how to solve it. Though there were still many questions which I haven't answer, because of the time, I had to collect the answer sheet. Recognizing almost all of my smart pale also took part in this exam, I didn't expect too much to be accepted. But now, I did it! Yay~!!

If I want to look at the past, many people think that I'm smart. I myself don't really think so. I NEVER in big ten at High School, I ALWAYS had re-take for some subjects, and it was (sometimes) difficult for me to understand the materials given by the teachers. So with my story before, is it possible if I'm a lucky person because once my one of my friends said so. Or I am smart? I don't know which one is the right answer, but the only thing that I always have in mind, 'I AM A LUCKY PERSON.' :D
In Norishima

My Lovely Kittens ^^

Wow! I really wanted to write down about this but I just had no time. Well, perhaps now I can share it here.. ^^

Tubin, a female cat at my home, gave birth to her kittens few weeks a go. At first everyone at home didn't even know when the exact day was because she hid on the ceiling. What a cat! XD But a few days (or a few weeks? I don't know) later, when I wanted to sweep in front of my house at the time when I took the broom inside the gate, the kittens were playing around the broom. Omo. They were gorgeous and cute~

Our first meeting wasn't really good because they felt scared even roared and didn't even want to go closer to me. So I asked my youngest sister to get them for me. At first she was scared because the one with dark-brown fur (later called as 'Sabin') kept give her a shock. But eventually, she succeed to get them for me. :)

Now, it almost 2-3 weeks since our first meeting and they are getting closer to me. Tubin had died a couple weeks a go. It was a sad news which I got from my neighbor when she came to my home. Sabin and Obin was still a kitten and they had to lost their mom forever. T.T Because I'm the only idle person at my home, so I'm the one who on responsible to feed them. Kitten food and milk are things I give them 'till now. Now, they look even cuter and mature. They look more active ad like to run here and there. But another thing that make me happier beside the fact we get closer is when I yelled out their name, they will come to me. Sabin usually pretend to act like he is going to catch his prey. Obin did the same thing a couple of time.

I hope I still can watch them grow up and able to eat more before my departure at the end of September. :)

Here are some pictures of Sabin and Obin. Aren't They cure and adorable? ^^

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Jul. 30th, 2010

In Norishima

Writer's Block: Star-crossed

Have you ever secretly loved someone you shouldn't have? If so, did you confess your feelings? Any regrets either way?

Don't know exactly 'coz I'm not sure what I feel towards him was love.. I didn't confess my feeling towards him because i have no intention to be tied in a serious relationship yet.. Still want to enjoy my life.. ^^

Jul. 28th, 2010

smiling Jjong with hoodie


It's been long time for me to keep my desire to write down my real feeling towards him..

Well, maybe some of you will think that I'm a bit playgirl because few months ago I wrote a lot about Hae oppa, but now I always talked about Jonghyuni oppa. Actually, both of them have the same place in my heart (what am I try to say?! Am I their girlfriend? *dreaming*). I really admire their spirit to reach their dreams.

Started by Hae oppa who got strength from his late father and still struggle to show him that he can fulfill his late father's dream to be a singer. Though he faced a lot of troubles to get there, but he never gave up. In Jjong oppa case, he really love music and had a band when he was in middle high or high school (I forget.. hehehe..). At the time, he wanted to have a guitar and didn't want to bother his parents, so he collected his income to but it.

Both Hae oppa and Jonghyuni oppa already did one's best in their young age. It must be hard to pass the moment when they felt very tired, upset, and miss their family. But for the sake of those who gave them a lot of support, they bear the difficulties up and moved on though the way never as good as they hope.

I always think that last-born child will always have a stubborn and dependent personality. But, those thought of mine don't hold good for Hae oppa and Jonghyuni oppa. Both of them had their trainee time in a very young age and of course they had to live far away from their parents, especially Hae oppa whose house is in Mokpo. They are also a hyung (older brother) in their group. For Hae oppa, he is the 9th oldest member meanwhile Jonghyuni oppa is the 2nd oldest member in his group and has 3 younger members who need his helps and leads. Of course they couldn't act as they are the maknae (youngest) in the group though in their family they are the youngest.

This night I read an article about SHINee and there was a question: "What will you do if there's some money in large amount prepared for you but in one condition. You can't sing or perform again?" I felt surprised by Jonghyuni oppa's answer. He said,"My dream is to be a song writer. I will left that money and continue my career in writing songs." He won't let go his dream just for money whereas he will get some money for his songs! He can get money easily, but he prefer not to abandon his dream just for a momentary happiness.

I feel a little ashamed because up 'till now I still feel confused about my own dream. I've abandoned my dream becoming a doctor. I wanted to be a journalist, but it'll be difficult considering the fact that I'm a girl and one day I must take care of my family. I hope I'll find a good one that suit me. ^^

Jul. 22nd, 2010

Bubble cheek Jonghyun


Almost three months I spend my leisure time at home with no interesting activities.. :(
Luckly, SHINee new album made my day.. ^^ I already listen to their full album, watch their Mv, and now I'm waiting fot ther comeback tomorrow.. ^^ can't wait to see Jonghyun oppa and SHINee members to give their live performances again.. After their goodbye stage, all I did was watching SHINee's old videos adn Super Junior's stage performance..

It doesn't feel good when you are alone at home in long term.. You started hearing weird voices. That's why I always turn on the music with loud volume.. I don't like to be alone.. But once she comes, I can't have my privacy and have to listen to her stories.. TT.TT

Jul. 12th, 2010

Donghae Smiles

Miss U So Much~

This afternoon I had a dream about Jonghyun! Oh My God!!
I never think before if my miserable feeling caused by missing him so much will made me having this dream..
Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful dream~

I do really miss him since his hiatus and his appearance in Ring Ding Dong live stages a couple days ago make me miss him more..
I hope SHINee will comeback soon..
Minho get well soon!!
I do really miss Jonghyun oppa so much~!! *too much i guess.. Keke*
In Norishima

Writer's Block: Sony Cyber-shot HX5V

What are the best photos you've ever taken during your travels? If you have a GPS-equipped camera that can geo-tag where you’ve been, what exotic places would you bring it to?

because i don't travel a lot and last holiday I went to Tangkuban Parahu which has exotic view as it is a volcano.. ^^

second thought, I will take some pictures of flowers in Sentosa Island which is well decorated and it's very beautiful to be seen from up stairs.. XD

Jun. 29th, 2010

Donghae Smiles

Writer's Block: Sony Cyber-shot TX5

If you had a waterproof camera, what are the top five things you would want to photograph? Let your imagination run wild.

1. the reefs in Bunaken

2. the dew in the morning (??)

3. what are things beyond the flood

4. bubbles from the laundry

5. dolphin dancing in the water.. ^^

Jun. 27th, 2010

In Norishima

My feeling towards U

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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